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Frequently Asked Questions

Genera Information


General Information


What are your hours?


We are available by reservation only.  Just contact us to make a reservation.

Closed-toe shoes are required to throw axes.

How much does it cost to throw axes?

We have four options for throwing: 

30 Minutes:  $20 per person plus fees

1 Hour:  $25 per person plus fees

1 ½ hours:  $35 per person + fees

2 hours:  $40 per person + fees

What is your address?

We are conveniently located east of Linn on Highway 50 near State Technical College at 63 Progress Lane, Linn, MO  65051. 

Can I drink alcohol while I throw axes?

Yes, you can bring in a reasonable amount of beverages.  We do have water, soda, energy drinks and snacks available for purchase.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes. You can purchase gift certificates.  Please contact us to buy a certificate.

Should I make reservations?

Yes. Reservations are required. Space is limited and we strive to ensure each visit is memorable experience. Reservations are the only way to guarantee your axe throwing experience.

Is there a safety briefing?

Yes, our certified axe coach will conduct a safety briefing. He will teach you a few throwing skills and give you game ideas.

After about 10-15 minutes of safety and skill advice, the coach will step back and play a supporting role in your axe throwing experience.

Your time does not start until waivers are signed and the safety briefing is finished.

How does indoor axe throwing work?

Axe throwing is similar to dart throwing and a bowling alley. You will be throwing an axe at a target in your reserved lane. So wrap both hands around the axe handle, lift over your head and aim for that bull’s eye!

BONUS: We also have knives, throwing cards and tomahawks at Show Me Axe House. In other words, you will have an memorable time throwing a variety of sharp objects at the targets.

What should I wear to throw axes?

Closed-toe shoes are required. We also recommend wearing loose-fitting clothing so you can properly throw an axe. You will be lifting the axe over your head.

Can I read your waiver?

Yes, here is our basic waiver. We actively update our waiver, and everyone must sign a waiver, on-site while at Show Me Axe House. If you are a parent sending your child with a supervised group, please print AND sign this waiver and have your child bring it with him/her to Show Me Axe House.

Safety, Reservations & Groups

Is axe throwing safe?

Yes. Axe throwing is safe for all.  Just follow the rules located here, read and sign the waiver before throwing and you will have a fun time throwing axes and competing with your friends to see who is the top thrower in the group. You will be briefed on the axe throwing safety protocols when you arrive. You are required to wear closed-toe shoes to throw axes with us.

Who can throw an axe?

Anyone that is capable of properly holding an axe and safely throw can participate.  Our staff will assess all children under the age of 12 for their ability to handle and throw an axe.  Due to the nature of axe throwing, children under the age of 18 must have an adult sign the waiver. Children under the age of 16 must have a parent or responsible adult present.  We highly recommend one adult per 3 children and one adult per small group of teenagers. Please keep in mind; axe throwing requires good coordination and concentration skills to be successful.  Please let the staff know if you have any difficulty lifting your arms over your head. 

For the children that are unable to throw an axe, we have Velcro axes that we can set up for them.

Can I bring my axe?

Yes.  The staff will inspect any axe or throwing implement prior to use to determine if it is safe to use at the Show Me Axe House.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of people for a reservation?

The maximum number of people we can handle is 25 throwers for a single reservation.  If you have a larger group

we can split up the number of people throwing so each person has an opportunity for axe throwing fun.  Please contact us

to set up a reservation for a large group.

Can I take pictures?

Yes, we recommend taking pictures.

Can I book an axe throwing party?

Yes, an axe throwing party is a great way to have fun with friends. We recommend 3-5 people per target. Reservations are required for groups.

Call or text us at 573-536-9988, email us, or contact us on facebook to make a group reservation. Your reservation is confirmed only after we contact you to verify the date / time and number in your party.



Playing & Scoring

Axe Throwing Basics

1.  There are two basic throws, 2-handed over-head and 1 handed throw.  Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t stick on the first through.  It usually takes a few times to get the hang of it.

     a.  2-handed over-head throw:  Grip the axe at the bottom of the handle, with both hands, thumbs wrapped around the handle.  Hold the axe straight out in front of you face with the axe perpendicular to the ground.  With your feet a comfortable distance apart, bring the axe up over your head and shift your weight to the back foot.  In one smooth continuous motion, shift your weight to your front foot while bringing the axe forward, releasing the axe at about eye height.  Keep your wrists locked and let it fly.  The coach will adjust your throw until you stick it! 

     b.  1-handed throw.  Grip the axe near the bottom of the handle with your thumb wrapped around the handle.  Hold the axe straight out in front of your face with the axe perpendicular to the ground.  With your feet a comfortable distance apart, bring the axe up next to your ear, keeping your elbow in and up and shift your weight to the back foot.  In one smooth continuous motion, shift your weight to your front foot while bringing the axe forward, releasing the axe at about eye height.  Keep your wrists locked and let it fly.  The coach will adjust your throw until you stick it!


We recommend a leisurely and fun game of axe throwing. We follow the guidance of the World Axe Throwing League.

Here is handy information to use when you want to make axe throwing competitive:

  1. Match: A game, a.k.a match, consists of each player throwing 10 times. Note: A typical league night allows every participant 4 matches.

  2. Point Leader Starts: Each player should throw 10 times for one match. After everyone throws one match, the scores should be tallied and the point leader should kick-off set 2. Repeat with the point leader after matches 2 – 4.

  3. Scoring:

    • Bull’s Eye: The bull’s eye is worth 6 points.

    • Additional Rings: All rings around the bull’s eye have labeled point values (1-4 points).  If you break a line then you get the score for higher ring.

    • Blue Dots: Blue dots are 8 points a.k.a. Kill shots. Only 2 kill shots per match.  You must announce the kill shot and identify the kill shot you will throwing at.  If you miss, your score for that throw is zero points.  Otherwise the blue dots are worth 1 point (the value of the ring they are in).

    • Drop: If the axe drops off the target it is worth zero points.

Safety Rules

1.  Safety is paramount. Axe throwing is safe and fun when simple rules are followed.   Everyone is responsible for safety.  If you see an unsafe act, bring it to our attention.

2.  All customers and participants of any kind should wear closed toed shoes while throwing axes.

3.  Customers should only enter the lanes when invited by an axe throwing coach.

4.  Throw together, retrieve together.

5.  When holding an axe, no one should ever let their guard down.  Always respect the axe.

     a.  The blade should never be touched.

     b.  Axes should always be held by the handle. Never touch the axe head.

6.  Axe blades should never be directed at a person, animal, or anything other than standard wooden targets.

     a.  Gesturing or ‘playing around’ with the axe is prohibited.

     b.  There should never be someone in between a thrower and the target:

          1)  No holding a board by the target while someone throws an axe at it.

          2)  No throwing axes around or above any individual.

7.  Use good technique and proper form always.

8.  Falling axes should NEVER be attempted to be caught in the air and only retrieved when they have stopped moving.

9. Place axes in the designated axe holder after use or between people.

     a.  Do not hand each other axes. Place the axe in the box on the wall after your turn.

     b.  Do not take axes out of the lanes.  They must remain past the red line.

10.  Axes should never be thrown at a target when there is already an axe or axes embedded in the target.

11.  Do not place hands on the fence when watching someone throw. 

12.  No trick shots.

13.  If you have questions, ask!

Axe Throwing Terms

Here are handy axe throwing terms from the World Axe Throwing League:

Axe: technically a hatchet used in all standard competition and at Top Notch.

Lane: one target setup.

Match: a player throwing 10 times in a row.

Drop: an axe that does not remain sticking in the target, and falls out before being retrieved, resulting in 0 points.

Throwing Etiquette

  • Always give the person throwing the axe plenty of room. This means at least 4 feet of cleared space around the person at all times.

  • Put the axe in the box after your throw.  Always respect the axe!

  • Wear loose fitting clothing so you can make the full range of motion for axe throwing.

  • Closed toe shoes are required.

  • Stay in your lane.

  • Consult the staff if you have questions.

  • Have fun!

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